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Driveway Repair

Living in Rochester, NY and the surrounding area, our winter months bring a constant freeze-thaw cycle. With this cycle, and our cars moving over our asphalt driveways on a regular basis, you can imagine your driveway is bound to become damaged. Some damage can be minor meaning cracks in the black top are about a ¼ inch wide and less than a couple inches deep. This minor damage will call for patch work. Patch work is a temporary fix and helps homeowners postpone re-doing their asphalt driveway.  

Although a smart in the moment fix for minor problems, there are some things to consider depending on your case. For one, patch work is not watertight, meaning, water will eventually leak through the cracks causing the cracks to appear once again. Further, if you have a lot of minor problems, patch work on black top can be unappealing.

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