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Patios bring an aesthetically pleasing addition to any home.  While increasing your home’s value, patios extended the living area of any home bringing you more space to entertain guests in the summer.  Patios are typically low maintenance as they are made from material that can withstand the extreme weather in the Rochester, NY area.  

Get ready for a summer of fun and barbecues with a scenic area in your backyard! Call PH Paving today to inquire about your new patio addition.


Walkways can offer an aesthetically pleasing path to you front door. Although walkways to the entrance of a home is traditional, walkways can also be a guiding path down a hill in your yard or through a garden. Often these walkways can add to the price of your home, while also avoiding people walking through your gardens or grass.  

Bring your home together with elegant walkways and call PH paving today for inquiries.

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Garage Floor:

Deciding to replace your garage floor is a big decision because it is a big process. Just a few cracks aren’t enough to call professionals; however, major cracked floors or floors that have shifted or dropped, can be a serious danger to the entire structure of your garage. Living in Rochester, NY, garage floors receive a beating because of the constant freezing and thawing during the winter months.  

If you notice any red flags like major cracks or shifts in the floor, call PH Paving today to have a look.